Discover is Durham University Library’s main search tool. It combines the contents of our Library, Archives and Museums catalogues with Primo’s central index of online resources to provide a single means of searching across all our resources.

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Discover includes summary descriptions and item-level catalogues for library, archive and museum collections held by Durham University, together with library and archive collections held by Ushaw College, and Durham Cathedral.

It provides a simple interface – the single box familiar from internet search engines – or an advanced interface for more specific searching. Each set of results can then be sorted (for example by title), and/or refined by selecting facets or adding to your search terms. Facets allow a search to be restricted to collections at Ushaw College or Durham Cathedral Library.

Search Summary Descriptions

When you search ‘Durham Museums’ you will get results from the Oriental Museum, Museum of Archaeology and Durham Castle Museum. This includes more than 51,000 object records, of which just over 38,000 currently have images.

There are also alphabetical lists of library and archive collections:

Ushaw College Collections
Durham University Archives
Durham Cathedral Library

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