Past Fellowships 2018/19

Academics who have successfully completed a fellowship with the Durham Residential Research Library.

Current Fellows
Past Fellow 19/20
Past Fellows 18/19

Holland Visiting Fellow (Department of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Pakistan)

Research Interest: Research on different aspects of the Buddhist Art of Gandhara

Holland Visiting Fellow (University of Exeter)

Research Interest: History of Science Printed Collection / Hospitality in Early Modern Literature and Culture

Lendrum Visiting Fellow (University of York)

Research Interest: History of Science at cathedral and wider 16thC

Holland Visiting Fellow (Università degli Stranieri di Siena)

Research Interest: The “Convento dos Inglesinhos”, England, and continental Europe during the nineteenth century

Holland Visiting Fellow (Edinburgh Napier University)

Durham Visiting Fellow (St John’s University, Queens New York)

Holland Visiting Fellow

Research Interest: English, Scottish and Irish Colleges on the Iberian Peninsula in the Early-Modern Period.

Durham Visiting Fellow (Institute for Religion & Critical Inquiry, Australian Catholic University)

Research Interest: Mother Theresa’s Spirituality

Lendrum Visiting Fellow (Laussane, Switzerland)

Research Interest: Devotion – shrine Madonnas – 1300-1500

Holland Visiting Fellow

Research Interest: Early Christian Illuminated Manuscripts

Durham Visiting Fellow (University of Oxford)

Research Interest: Book History, Portugal, Spain, England, Early Modern, Medieval

Thoits Visiting Fellow (The University of Scranton)

Research Interest: Exploreing (1) the experiences of British and Irish Christians with these eastern communities, (2) how British and Irish Christians imagined themselves in relation and in opposition to these eastern groups, and (3) how particular British and Irish Christian groups deployed knowledge about the East in contemporary religio-political disputes.

Holland Visiting Fellow (University of York)

Research Interest: English nuns in European exile in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries

Holland Visiting Fellow (University of Glasgow)

Research Interest: ‘From Venice to Durham: 500 years, 500 books’ ; circulation of Italian books abroad, during the Renaissance and beyond

Holland Visiting Fellow (British Record Society)

Research Interest: Catholics and sequestration in Early Modern Britain, 1642-1725

Dr Eilish Gregory is currently Assistant Professor (Research & Scholarship) at New College of the Humanities and Associate Lecturer in History at Anglia Ruskin University. She was recently Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Royal Historical Society and Sessional Lecturer in History at the University of Reading. She has a BA (Hons) in History and an MA (distinction) in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, both from the University of Kent, and she completed a PhD in History at University College London in 2017. Since finishing her PhD, she has been awarded library fellowships at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C., Durham University, Marsh’s Library in Dublin, and has received several grants to continue researching into aspects of early modern British and Irish Catholicism. Her monograph Catholics during the English Revolution, 1642-1660: Politics, Sequestration and Loyalty, was published by Boydell and Brewer Press in March 2021 and she continues to examine the greater impact of Catholic estate forfeiture across the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Britain, Ireland, and the American colonies. Her article ‘John Austin and the Catholic Response to the English Commonwealth’ was published in the journal The Seventeenth Century in 2021 and she has published on Catherine of Braganza and her English Catholic household in Forgotten Queens in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Political Agency, Myth-Making and Patronage, edited by Estelle Paranque and Valerie Schutte (2019). Currently, she is working on a chapter on Edward Northey and Catholic estate forfeiture in the Leeward Islands, to be published by Brill Press in an edited collection, and has been contracted to edit a collection on later Stuart queens, 1660-1735 with Palgrave Macmillan. Additionally, she has a forthcoming chapter on how Mary I was remembered during the Exclusion Crisis in a two-volume collection on Mary I in Palgrave Macmillan’s Queenship and Power series.

Lendrum Visiting Fellow

Research Interest: Veneration of saints in Durham, 1083-1539

Durham Visiting Fellow (Wisconsin-Madison)

Research Interest: Latin–Aramaic bilingualism among Palmyrene Syrians in the ancient world.

Holland Visiting Fellow (Saint Mary’s University Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Research Interest: Catholic Agency in the British Atlantic, c. 1746 – c.1860

Durham Visiting Fellow (Australian Catholic University, East Melbourne)

Research Interest: Early Chrisianity

Holland Visiting Fellow (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Research Interest: Gothic in Georgian and Victorian Durham

Holland Visiting Fellow (Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies)

Research Interest: ‘A Superabundance of Wordiness and Dreaminess’: John Lingard and the Oxford Movement’

Holland Visiting Fellow (Gettysburg College)

Research Interests: Vincent Eyre Manuscipts: My objective is to discern rhetorical patterns in the interpretation of the period’s penal laws
in order to analyse both how eighteenth-century Catholics were perceived by their society and how
Catholics presented themselves as subjects.

Durham Visiting Fellow (Australian Catholic University)

Research Interest: Medieval Theology

Visiting Fellow (SPCK) Durham

Research Interest: Matryrdom

Catherine Pepinster has been a journalist for 30 years, reaching the top of national newspapers and then becoming editor of the Catholic weekly, The Tablet, for 13 years. She is a well-known commentator and writer on religious affairs and is a regular contributor to the ‘Thought for the Day’ slot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Since stepping down as editor of The Tablet, she has written on religion for many publications, including The GuardianThe ObserverThe Times, the Religion News Service, the Church Times, the Catholic Herald and The Tablet. She regularly appears on Sky News and the BBC as a commentator. Her book, The Keys and the Kingdom: The British and the papacy from John Paul II to Francis, was published by Bloomsbury in autumn 2017. Since leaving The Tablet, she has also worked for The Anglican Centre in Rome.

Her work as a journalist, broadcaster and author, as well as her work for the Anglican Centre, means that she is already well known to people of influence in religious circles and to others interested in religion. As well as her journalistic skills, she brings academic rigour to her writing: she has an MA in philosophy and religion and spent six months at St Benet’s Hall, Oxford, as a Visiting Scholar.

Lendrum Visiting Fellow (University of Bristol)

Research Interest: Monastic history writing, c.1000-1300

Holland Visiting Fellow

Research Interest:  The Catholic Women’s League and the development of a Catholic Practical Theology, 1906-2013

Durham Visiting Fellow (University of Valladolid, Spain)

Research Interest: Book history, Recusancy, History of Catholicism, Anglo-Iberian relations

Holland Visiting Fellow (University of Bristol)

Research Interest: Medieval Books and Modern Audiences: Publishing and Educational Resources

Durham Visiting Fellow (Seventh Day Adventists, USA)

Research Interest: EM international Prot – England with France and LC

Durham Visiting Fellow (Institute for Literary Studies)

Research Interest: Long Reformation 1500–1800