Past Fellowships 2019/20

Academics who have successfully completed a fellowship with the Durham Residential Research Library.

Durham Visiting Fellow

Paolo Broggio

Holland Visiting Fellow (Roma Tre University (Italy)

Lendrum Visiting Fellow (Durham University)

Joanne Edge

Holland Visiting Fellow (University of Manchester)

Research Interest:

Chihyin Hsiao

Holland Visiting Fellow

Research Interest: Eighteenth-century English material culture


A Western View of Eastern Art:
Understanding Postwar Oriental Studies in Great Britain
through the Durham University Oriental Museum

For full details of this manuscript visit here

Lendrum Visiting Fellow (Pontifical University, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland)

Holland Visiting Fellow

Matt Raven

Durham Visiting Fellow (Institute of Historical Research, London)

PHD Bursary (University of York)

Durham Visiting Fellow (Department of Archaeology and Museums, Islamabad)

Claire Schiano-Locurcio

PHD Bursary (Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)

Research Interest:

Durham Visiting Fellow (Head of History at Leeds Jewish Free School)

Durham Visiting Fellow (University of Cambridge)

Lendrum Visiting Fellow

PHD Bursary (University of Birmingham)