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Jeremy M. Hutton and Ted Kaizer, “Three Forgotten Tesserae and a Coin from Palmyra in the Oriental Museum at Durham University.” Pp. 000–000 in The Small Stuff of the Palmyrenes: The Coins and Tesserae of Palmyra (ed. Rubina Raja. Oxford Onomastics Conference, 2019). Submitted.

Jeremy M. Hutton. “Towards a ‘Cognitive Philology’: Reading Hosea 11:1–4 with the Shades.” Submitted for publication in a volume of conference proceedings (IOSOT, Aberdeen, UK, 2019). Submitted Dec. 26, 2019.

Journal article:

An original charter of King John at Ushaw College, Co. Durham (Ushaw MS 66)”, Northern History 56 (2019), 138–51.

Medieval Manuscripts in Ushaw College Library: A Fragmentary History’, Catholic Archives, forthcoming spring 2021 – Benjamin Pohl and Leah Tether

Book chapter:

Nothing to see here! Hidden changes of authorship and genre in a twelfth-century manuscript (Durham, Ushaw College, MS 6)”, in Models of Change in Medieval Textual Culture, ed. Jonatan Petersson et al (Berlin: De Gruyter, forthcoming 2022).

 Eadmer and his Books: a Case Study of Monastic Self-publishing, in Eadmer beyond Anselm, ed. Charles C. Rozier and Sally N. Vaughn (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming 2022) – Benjamin Pohl and Leah Tether


Leah Tether, Laura Chuhan Campbell and Benjamin Pohl, The Bristol Merlin: Revealing the Hidden Secrets of a Medieval Fragment (Amsterdam: ARC Humanities Press, forthcoming July 2021)