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Governare l’odio

Pace e giustizia criminale nell’Italia moderna (secoli XVI-XVII)

Kehoe, S. Karly, “Jacobites, Jamaica, and the Establishment of a Highland Catholic Community in the Canadian Maritimes”, Scottish Historical Review (In Press, autumn 2021)

Kehoe, S. Karly, Empire and Emancipation: Scottish and Irish Catholics at the Atlantic Fringe, c. 1780 – c.1850, Toronto, University of Toronto Press (In press, autumn 2021)

“Christian Theology in the Context of Classical Traditions of Thought,” in Cambridge History of Early Christian Theology, ed. Lewis Ayres. Cambridge University Press (July 2021).

Journal Article:

Medieval Manuscripts in Ushaw College Library: A Fragmentary History’, Catholic Archives, Spring 2021 – Benjamin Pohl and Leah Tether


Leah Tether, Laura Chuhan Campbell and Benjamin Pohl, The Bristol Merlin: Revealing the Hidden Secrets of a Medieval Fragment (Amsterdam: ARC Humanities Press, July 2021)

The English Parliament and Magnate Counsel, c.1272-1327: English Exceptionalism or a Common Theme?’, in A. Spencer and C. Watkins (eds), The Thirteenth Century XVIII (Woodbridge, forthcoming).

Research Paper

‘Smuggling and the State in the Northeast in the Mid-Fourteenth Century’, to be presented at the International Medieval Congress 2022 at the University of Leeds

A study of Photographic Archival Collections of Sir John Marshall Preserved at Durham University, UK in the light of Buddhist sculptures preserved in Peshawar Museum Collection.

Published in Journal:

Pakistan Archaeology No. 33, Department of Archaeology and Museums, Islamabad, 2021,

  1. 89-103.

Journal Article:

Benjamin Pohl and Leah Tether, ‘Medieval Manuscripts in Ushaw College Library: A Fragmentary History’, Catholic Archives, forthcoming spring 2021


Leah Tether, Laura Chuhan Campbell and Benjamin Pohl, The Bristol Merlin: Revealing the Hidden Secrets of a Medieval Fragment (Amsterdam: ARC Humanities Press, July 2021)

Book Chapters:

Laura Chuhan Campbell and Leah Tether, “Printers’ Prefaces and Rewriting in Arthurian Romance,” in Rewriting Medieval French Literature: Studies in Honour of Jane H. M. Taylor (Berlin: De Gruyter, summer 2021)

‘The “reflex influence” and the bystander effect: Historical trends in mission giving’, in Petr Činčala (ed.), Festschrift for Monte Sahlin (Andrews University Press, 2021)

(Co-authored with Alec Ryrie) ‘Axes of mission: Conversion and the purposes of Protestant mission in global history’ (undergoing peer review for Transactions of the Royal Historical Society)

Du corps corrompu au corps sanctifié : construction des modèles de perfection féminine chez les Clarisses anglaises de l’époque moderne », Fédération CRISIS, To be published: Presses Universitaires de Provence, 2021